28 February 2011

5 Black Films We Hope to See in Theaters in 2011

I googled "black movies for 2011" and I found the following link, click here. I don't know about you, but after watching the Academy Awards last night (actually since hearing the list of nominees last january) you would think that no one of color did any thing worthy of Oscar contention this past year. I think Kimberly Elise did an extraordinary job in For Colored Girls. So did Michael Ealy. That they weren't even acknowledged should be a crime. Even Whoopi Goldberg's acting was excellent, as was Tessa Thompson. The movie itself? No comment. How about Kerry Washington and Anthony Mackie in Night Catches Us?
Note:  I only watched the Academy Awards because I knew Halle Berry was going to do a tribute to the late Lena Horne. Immediately after the tribute I changed the channel.
 I know that personally, I try to go above and beyond to make sure I am recognized. At every annual performance review, my boss always informs me that I exceeded the goals set for me.
Years ago for a company that for which I worked, was sold to Humana, and we had to reapply for our jobs. There were 18 underwriters applying for 10 underwriting positions. I was the only person of color, and I had the least years of service at the time. During the interview preparation, they told us we didn't have to wear formal clothes to the interview, and we didn't even have to submit a resume. They gave us a form to complete, but knowing what needed to be done to not be overlooked, I wore my conservative suit, tie, white shirt and dress shoes, and I submitted a resume and list of references. There were at least 9 underwriters who worked for the company much longer than I, but  I was able to keep my job and and alot of them were let go. My boss told me afterwards than when I went to the interview wearing my suit and having my resume, they knew I meant business and that I wasn't about to be passed by. She said she knew I was going to keep my job.
In my current job I collect every email where someone in Sales has complimented me for doing something quickly and helping them when they were in a time crunch, or when my boss thanked me recently for going above and beyond and never having complained once. I keep them in a file, to be presented at my next performance review because I want to be acknowledged.
What can be done to make sure that movies made for us ( the few high quality movies) don't get overlooked? And what can be done to make sure more of these movies are made?


Wonder Man said...

hopefully we will have something of quality in 2011

Daij said...

same here

Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced that Tyler Perry is respected amongst in the "Oscar" crowd... But it would be nice if so many of us were'nt overlooked.