23 January 2011

What a great start to the week !

The new mission- bring the Lombardi Trophy home

The Green Bay Packers, battered early in the season but confident and peaking late, are on their way back to the Super Bowl and feeling like the best team in the NFL.


Wonder Man said...


Reggie said...

Yeah I felt the same way when I saw that my Steelers won brother!!!

Don said...

I picked Green Bay vs New York to meet in the Super Bowl before the season began, so I am hardly surprised they made it. Good team that has paid its dues.

I can only imagine how the cheeseheads are out in full force in Green Bay.

Daij said...

@ Don, yeah, I got my cheesehead hat at my desk at work!
@ Reggie, I believe it'll be an uphill batter for the Packers as the Steelers are Superbowl veterans.
@ wonderman, i am so excited!

thekingpin68 said...

Hope they win it this year.

Daij said...

I hope so too