31 December 2010

ringing in the New Year

This is where I intend to be when the New Year rolls around. I will be here at about 11 tonight. This is my favorite place of all. My bed : I'm looking forward to it.
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Wonder Man said...

I don't blame you

Major.Mack said...

I hope i make it back ;)

Reggie said...

Every year my wife gives me a hard time about going out on NYE. Of course, she's forever complaining that we don't go out often enough anyway. She swears we never go anywhere. All I've ever wanted to do is to stay home most night...much less NYE; and yet, we've ended up in Times Square, at formal parties, cheesy joints and last night she wanted to go to this comedy club in the hood. She's had me get dressed up a few times and when we've gotten to the party I'm the only one wearing a tux....looking like a waiter or something.

My ideal NYE is laying in bed with someone's daughter bringing it in with a "bang". To me that beats the hell outta going anywhere anyway.

GorgeousPuddin said...

I laughed out loud! Really Daij?? The bed NOOOOOO!

Daij said...

@ Reggie, you crazy as hell :)

@GorgeousPuddin- actually, I didn't make it to bed until about 130. I was watching a movie- The Last Airbender. I had made some lasagna and a red velvet cheesecake earlier in the day and I bought a bottle of champagne. When it was about 1155, i heated up half the lasagna, brought it to my bedroom, with a quarter of the cheesecake the champagne, and one glass, and I watched the movie, ate it all, and I drink the champagne, watched the rest of the movie, and I went to bed. I know, pathetic.