22 November 2010

heard on the plan to San Francisco

As the plane was boarding, there is a woman in the row ahead of me, with a crying baby. It's been crying for 10 minutes non-stop.  The passenger seated next me, to the woman in front of her: I won't be hearing your baby crying during this 90 minute flight.

The mother:  Uh, maybe?

Passenger: I didn't ask a question. It was a statement, a fact, that didn't require a yes or no. Listen closely; I will not be hearing your baby cry during this 90 minute flight. Period.

The mother turns to the man seated next to her: Honey do something.

The man  looks at the woman next to me, perhaps deciding not to confront her (for good reason) and decides to flag down the stewardess: Please, if there are available seats in the back of the plane, can we please move there?

Stewardess: Sorry this will be a full flight. Is there a problem? 

The man looks at the woman next to me again, and again he opens his mouth to speak but changes his mind.

The mother looks at the woman next to me, but then looks at the stewardess:  We'd we willing to switch seats with someone who might want to sit up front. We would like to sit way way back, perhaps the last row.

The baby is crying for about 3 very long minutes when the Stewardess returns with an elderly couple with whom they switched seats.
The plane was large enough that the sounds of the baby crying was almost faint enough to hardly be heard again.

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