29 November 2010

remember this....

There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved.  It is God's finger on man's shoulder.  
~Charles Morgan


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The most selfish one-letter word - "I" Avoid it.The most satisfying two-letter word - "We" Use it.The most poisonous three-letter word - "Ego" Kill it.The most used four-letter word - "Love" Value it.The most pleasing five-letter word - "Smile" Keep it.The fastest spreading six-letter word - "Rumour "Ignore it.The hardest working seven-letter word - "Success" Achieve it.The most enviable eight-letter word - "Jealousy" Distance it.The most powerful nine-letter word - "Knowledge" Acquire it.The most essential ten-letter word - "Confidence" Trust it.     
I found this, while looking for something else. This was better than what I was looking for.

There are no words

  Click here
                                        sometimes the most beautiful things are the furthest away.


remember this?

note to self

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From Fearless in Dubai- the sooner you realise that happiness is never tied to an individual, the sooner you can achieve it.


on today, November 29,

in 1919,  Pearl Primus was born.

She played an important role in the presentation of African dance to American audiences. Early in her career she saw the needs to promote African dance as an art form worthy of study and performance. Primus’ work was a reaction to myths of savagery and the lack of knowledge about African people. It was an effort to guide the Western world to view African dance as an important and dignified statement about another way of life. Additionally, her work provided a knowledge and meaning for dances that had been plagued by distortion of movement and excessive hip shaking of the backside.
Primus was born in Trinidad in 1919 to Edward and Emily (Jackson) Primus. Among her relations were drummers and initiates into the Shango/Spiritual Baptist faith. Her maternal grandfather, in particular, was an Ashanti musician from Ghana. When Pearl Primus was two years old she, with her two brothers were brought to New York City where they were reared. Although her parents did not exhibit theatrical tendencies, Primus’ mother had learned the social dances of Trinidad from her grandfather. Primus also had a colorful aunt who sympathized with her decision to embrace dance. When that came, this aunt who dressed in unusually colorful clothing, exclaimed that she would have been shocked had Primus not become an entertainer.
Primus also choreographed a work to Langston Hughes’s long famous poem, The Negro Speaks of Rivers, which was performed at her Broadway debut on October 4, 1944 at the Bealson Theatre.
She then began to study more intensively at the New Dance Group and became one of their instructors. In the summer of 1944, Primus visited the Deep South to research the culture and dances of Southern blacks. She visited over seventy churches and picked cotton with the sharecroppers. In December 1943, Primus appeared as a guest artist in Asadata Dafora’s African Dance Festival at Carnegie Hall.
In December 1944, Primus, who was primarily a solo artist recruited other dancers and performed in concerts at the Roxy Theatre. African Ceremonial was rechoreographed for a group performance. At this time, Primus’ African choreography could be termed interpretive, based on research and her imagining of the way in which a piece of African sculpture would move.
In 1946, Primus was invited to appear in the revival of the Broadway production Showboat choreographed by Helen Tamiris. Then, she was asked to choreograph a Broadway production called Calypso whose title became Caribbean Carnival. She also appeared at the Chicago Theatre in the 1947 revival of the Emperor Jones in the ‘’’Witch Doctor’’’ role that Hemsley Winfield made famous.
Following this show and many subsequent recitals, Primus toured the nation with a company she formed. While on the university and college circuit, Primus performed at Fisk University in 1948, where Dr. Charles S. Johnson, a member of Rosenwald Foundation board, was president. He was so impressed with the power of her interpretive African dances that he asked her when she had last visited Africa. She replied that she had never done so. She then received the last and largest ($4000) of the major Rosenwald Fellowships for an eighteen month research and study tour of the Gold Coast, Angola, Cameroons, Liberia, Senegal and the Belgian Congo.
Primus was so well accepted in the communities in her study tour that she was told that the ancestral spirit of an African dancer had manifested in her. The Oni and people of Ife, Nigeria, felt that she was so much a part of their community that they initiated her into their commonwealth and affectionately conferred on her the title Omowale- the child who has returned home.[3]  
                          --Courtesy wikipedia.org

27 November 2010

listening to ...

listening to ...


Imagine a world without love.

Imagine a soul without purpose.

Imagine a life without contentment.

Imagine a heart without


Then imagine it with.

-- Ron Cooper

26 November 2010

it is love

It is love that asks, that seeks, that knocks, that finds, and that is faithful to what it finds. 
                        --Aurelius Augustine

25 November 2010

on saying what's on your mind


My homemade pumpkin cake with cinnamon buttercreme frosting. My own creation, for a dinner party this afternoon.

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On being thankful

My life hasn't been perfect. It hasn't gone the way I have dreamed, but it could be worse-a whole lot worse, and I am grateful for what I have.  I'm here. God has been so good to me. I have a lot: A great family. I have a God daughter who loves me and likes to draw pictures for me. I have a nephew whose face lights up when he sees me. I have a great mom who brags to every one she sees and knows, about how good I am to her. I have  the bestest of best friends in my friend Steve. I have lots of close friends (lots of fairweather friends too, but I don't count them).  I have a great job, and I'm even proud of  the company I work for.It's so rare, these days to have both a job, and a job that you love. I'm grateful for my late grandfather. He was the man, my father image. He taught me how to treat women. I watched how he related to my mother. I watched how my mother related to him. Until he passed away about 10 years ago, I never once heard her disrespect him. I never even heard her speak up when he was wrong unless it was really important. She didn't just tell me to respect my elders, she was practicing what she preached. She still does.  Perhaps I'm biased;  you all know the story-my mom  adopted me when I was 11 months old . She said that no one wanted me, but she did. For that I am grateful. Imagine, feeling worthless and knowing that someone loves you.
I digress.

Two nights ago my lemon of a car broke down, forcing me to walk  about 10 blocks to the closest bus stop to go to work, and I complained to myself about having to walk, until I saw, across the street, a man in a wheel chair, wheeling himself to the same bus stop. I had to stop myself and thank God for my being to walk. I have so much to be grateful for.

What are you thankful for?

23 November 2010

on being afraid

on humanity

The world is better backwards

Everyday there is something new, something different, something unknown, something unforgettable, it is just up to you to find it.
           -- Miercoles Rodrigo

But the world is better backwards. Up to a point.
  "Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists."
Eckhart Tolle

on twitter

@ alieux9000 -Having to walk to catch the train this morning because my car doors were all frozen. Priceless. And this isn't even Wisconsin!

H, as in hypocrite, and I, as in how ironic

Anti-Facebook Pastor Offers to Resign

New Jersey Pastor Who Asked Parishioners to Give Up Facebook Because it May Lead to Cheating Admits Having an Affair  

(CBS/AP) Facebook leads to infidelity, a New Jersey pastor has claimed. To prove his sincere belief in Facebook's evils, the pastor has even offered to step down over revelations of a past affair that involved a four-way sexual relationship with his minister wife, a male church assistant and the assistant's wife.

Pastor Cedric Miller, 48, gave his I-will-step-down sermon just days after the Asbury Park Press reported on Miller's 2003 testimony that his wife had an extramarital affair with a male church assistant. Miller also said he was present at many of those meetings and sometimes the assistant's wife was there.
"We had crossed the line many times...between the four of us," the pastor testified at the time. "It was just, I mean there was touching, there was...it was crazy, it was as wrong as wrong could get. Yes."
Rev. Miller called the paper's printing of the testimony, "old news," but admitted that his behavior at the time was "foolish."
"For any pain that my past mistakes has caused you, I again ask for your forgiveness," the pastor said.
Miller, with his wife by his side, asked any church leaders who supported him to join them, and an estimated 100 parishioners walked on the stage.
He offered to step down as senior minister if church leaders found him unfit to serve. Miller said church elders will render a vote of "confidence" or "no confidence" in his ability to lead during a meeting Tuesday.
"Should the elders and leaders now deem me unfit for duty, I love the church enough to step down immediately," he said.
The pastor continued to call on church leaders to delete their Facebook accounts, claiming the social network site could lead to infidelity.
--courtesy of cbsnews.com

Good day


note to self

           "You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are." 
                                            --Eckhart Tolle
 Recently I overheard an older gentleman tell a  younger 50-ish woman who was standing in the grocery line behind me complaining about some man ; "you will only be hurt a finite number of times during your life. You have an infinite number of ways to deal with it." 

My guess is, he was tired of hearing her complain about the men in her life.  


22 November 2010

heard on the plan to San Francisco

As the plane was boarding, there is a woman in the row ahead of me, with a crying baby. It's been crying for 10 minutes non-stop.  The passenger seated next me, to the woman in front of her: I won't be hearing your baby crying during this 90 minute flight.

The mother:  Uh, maybe?

Passenger: I didn't ask a question. It was a statement, a fact, that didn't require a yes or no. Listen closely; I will not be hearing your baby cry during this 90 minute flight. Period.

The mother turns to the man seated next to her: Honey do something.

The man  looks at the woman next to me, perhaps deciding not to confront her (for good reason) and decides to flag down the stewardess: Please, if there are available seats in the back of the plane, can we please move there?

Stewardess: Sorry this will be a full flight. Is there a problem? 

The man looks at the woman next to me again, and again he opens his mouth to speak but changes his mind.

The mother looks at the woman next to me, but then looks at the stewardess:  We'd we willing to switch seats with someone who might want to sit up front. We would like to sit way way back, perhaps the last row.

The baby is crying for about 3 very long minutes when the Stewardess returns with an elderly couple with whom they switched seats.
The plane was large enough that the sounds of the baby crying was almost faint enough to hardly be heard again.

18 November 2010

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Seen on a friend's Facebook profile

True friends are like diamonds,
Precious and rare.
False friends are like leaves
Found everywhere.
Periodically I have to rake the leaves and put them in the trash
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17 November 2010

The latest artwork by Arianna

My God daughter had drawn this picture for me. On stressful days at work , her artwork makes me smile
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note to self

Never underestimate the power of the people in your life who are always miserable.
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16 November 2010

i recognize

Sometimes people’s shortcomings (or failures)  have forced me to recognize that I’ve made them more important than they really are.
                                       -- me

Songs in my head...Norah Jones & Amos Lee

15 November 2010

note to self

Ursula Burns, the first African American woman to run a Fortune 500 company, XEROX

“Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working.”

                                                                                         --author unknown

                        (and women too)

Wisconsin, look at you

                                                        kicking Indiana's butt like that!

Wisconsin's Lance Kendricks (84) catches a touchdown pass in front of Indiana's Jarrell Drane (30) during the second half of the game Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010, in Madison, Wis.  (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

 The No. 7 Wisconsin Badgers demolished the Indiana Hoosiers 83-20 in their best performance in 95 years, without their top running back John Clay.

Wisconsin scored 11 touchdowns against Indiana, the most in Wisconsin history and the second-most by a Big Ten team since World War II.
This was a 10-10 ball game until, Ben Chappell the Indiana quarterback, who completed 8-of-14 passes for 62 yards and a touchdown left with a hip injury. That injury would lead to Wisconsin scoring four quick touchdowns to enter halftime at 38-10.
Because of the BCS rankings, teams like Wisconsin, Boise St., TCU and anyone contending has to demolish their opponents to improve their ranking.
Is this fair or foul?
Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema was interviewed on ESPN radio after the game and he stated that it had nothing to do with the BCS ranking. He went on to say that there was a point in time where the fourth-string quarterback was in and scored a touchdown by rushing and Wisconsin was not even throwing the ball.
According to Bielema, Indiana head coach Bill Lynch was not upset about the score and complimented Wisconsin on a great team.
“I’ve always felt it was our job to stop the team and play the game,” Lynch said. “We didn’t do that very well.”
Is this just another example of the BCS’s unsportsmanlike way of determining a champion or yet another reason the BCS should be replaced by a playoff system?
                                --courtesy ESPN

Black Girls Rock !!!!

LOVED this performance of these Four Women-Marsha Ambrosius, Jill Scott, Ledisi, and Kelly Price

13 November 2010

Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.  
                           ~Zora Neale Hurston

the best gift yet

So, for my fourty-eighth birthday I got myself something...but it took a whole year to give it. What I mean is, it couldn't fit in one day. Actually it took 365 days to give it.
On my fourty-eighth birthday I committed to my attitude: project joy, regardless of situation. And I wouldn't trade it for anything, ever. It's changed how I view and experience each day, God, friendships, everything. It's not perfect yet , but the before and after are pretty dramatic.
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letting love rule

12 November 2010


The front of my birthday card
Thank you, to all who wished me a happy birthday yesterday! Your birthday wishes made the day go by easily.  It really meant alot to me. 48 isn't as painful as I thought it would be (between me and you, it would have been nice if I had someone special to wake up next to me to tell me happy birthday, but I digress). The first thing I did, after realizing I had indeed  awakened, is, I got on my knees and I thanked God for waking me up and blessing me to see another year. I wanted that to be the first thing I did- to give Him the glory and the praise.  I've needed Him in the past, and I will definitely need Him in the present and future.
The inside of the card
I only received one birthday card, but even if I had received a whole bunch of cards, the card I did receive would be the best one; it came from my Goddaughter and her parents, and she had drawn a picture on it for me. I love her art work and I have my office walls covered with pictures my nephew made for me when he was 4, her age, and I have a few from her as well. There is something special about any gift that is made from the heart.
  I always take it for granted that my family and friends will remember, especially since it shows up on their Facebook calendars, and since I always remember their birthdays and I always offer to take my local friends out to dinner or drinks, but after today I'll be saving some money.  I have to give credit to my friend Scott who treated me to lunch a week ago because his family was going to be in Georgia this week, to my friend Rich who invited me to watch a funk band play last night ( up until then I had spent the entire day by myself), to Valerie, who I met at the gym a few days ago who invited me to lunch today and to Ahmad, who's wife cooked a great Moroccan meal earlier tonight. And to my best friend Steve, who's attending seminary school in Berkeley. I'm going to visit him next week. That, I'm excited about.

Listening to ....

formerly known as Terrence Trent D'arby
'A wise man asked a young girl on her way to be married, "you're in a house, there are no doors, no windows and the house is on fire, what do you do? She replied, I guess I'll have to bust thru the walls!!

The wise man smiled and said, no ...... You put out the fire.
sometimes problem solving can be quite simple!!! LOL'

My friend Jeff received this in response to a quote he made on facebook. I liked it and I had to post it.

friday flashback- Five Star & Mica Paris

11 November 2010


Add Lil Jon to Rumored ‘Apprentice’ Cast

*TMZ is reporting that rapper/producer Lil Jon is in the cast of Donald Trump’s upcoming “Celebrity Apprentice.”    The website also claims former MLB star Jose Canseco, supermodel Niki Taylor and the original “Survivor” winner Richard Hatch are also booked for next season, which begin shooting in New York next week.
Dionne Warwick has also been reported as a confirmed cast member, joining previously announced participants Star Jones, LaToya Jackson and Mark McGrath.     --courtesy eurweb.com

hmmmm  The shows ratings have been sinking since the season after Omarosa. I wonder what demographic he's trying to reach now....I wonder....

I like one of the comments which went like this:

Lil Jon: WHAT!
Trump: You’re fired!
Lil Jon: WHAT!
Lil Jon: OKAAAY!


some jody watley & andre cymone for today


I was, I am

48 years 9 months ago God created

the essence of
me /
He design-
ed me
placed me
in someone’s womb/
further shaping me
painting my dna brown.
(it’s only a guess
that she was of a similar hue)
He was preparing me for this world.
designating me for something 
for someone
The reason is still a mystery.

& 48 years ago
I was born:

denied of my bloodline:
I became,
and in becoming,
unbeknownst to me
I became someone else;
my loyalty 
unrelenting towards the fractured line of caseys.
I'm slowly evolving

after having become
(I’m told by my mother)
what a king’s supposed to be.

I wonder what  will year 48 bring?
the mystery is still unfolding.
perhaps it's what I will make it bring?

                     --Alexgeorge, for The Xande

(in all Thy ways God, I will follow & acknowledge You. Please direct my path) Amen

09 November 2010

"Don't pray when it rains if you don't pray when the sun shines."
                       --Satchel Paige


My pastor explained that life is more vibrant when we are tied closer with others, because we are in active movement of reuniting, that because the world started as one our deepest longing is to be one again.
i want to drive into the distance, moving closer. Sometimes I think that feeling like I'm  not moving just feels like distancing, and I want to run in oneness, for the world to be whole again.  
just a thought.

Happy Birthday

No this isn't Halle Berry.
Dorothy J. Dandridge
One of the most accomplished actresses of her time, she set a high on screen standard for the African-American female film stars who followed and continue to follow her. She rose to the top of her profession with her first starring role and became the first African-American woman to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. But, just as fast as her success was achieved, so did it begin to fade. She had the drive and the talent to make it but the color of her skin held her back and her life soon began a downward spiral which in the end turned tragic. She is described as a kind and extremely giving individual who wanted to please everyone. Dorothy Jean Dandridge was born in Cleveland Ohio's City Hospital On November 9, 1922. Her mother Ruby was an aspiring actress who left her father Cyrus with Dorothy's older sister Vivian five month's before Dorothy's birth. Later, the two sisters learned to sing and moved with their mother to Nashville, Tennessee, where their mother formed and wrote material for an act called 'The Wonder Kids.' The girls toured the country, singing, dancing, and performing at social gatherings. In the early 1930s, the family settled in Los Angeles, California. With another girl, Etta Jones, they became the three Dandridge Sisters, and appeared briefly in several fims, including the Marx Brothers movie A Day at the Races (1937). The girls later performed at the famed Cotton Club in New York, often on the same bill with Cab Calloway, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson,  and W.C. Handy.
Shortly after working in the film "Irene" (1940), the trio split up. Early in her solo career, Dandridge appeared in more than a dozen short musical films, notably as dream girl of the Mills Brothers singing group in "Paper Doll" (1942). She also played bit parts in feature movies, such as "Sun Valley Serenade" (1941), "Drums of the Congo" (1942), "Lucky Jordan" (1942), and "Hit Parade" of 1943 (1943). In 1942, she married the dancer Harold Nicholas from the Nicholas Brothers. The marriage later ended in divorce and the couple's severely brain-damaged daughter Harolyn, was eventually put in a private institution. Dandridge had long aspired to be a film actress, and after her divorce devoted herself to fulfilling that dream. To support herself and to make contacts, she established herself as a nightclub singer, appearing at important clubs throughout the country. After appearing in a couple of low-budget films, her major breakthrough came when she was cast opposite Harry Belafonte in "Bright Road" (1953). Soon afterward, Dandridge won the coveted title role in Otto Preminger's  "Carmen Jones" (1954), an all-black adaptation of George Bizet's opera "Carmen." Her performance in Carmen Jones won her an Academy Award nomination, the first for an African-American. She continued to work in nightclubs, but it was three years before she made another film. One of Dandridge's most important later roles was in "Porgy and Bess" (1959). That same year, she won the Golden Globe Award for best actress in a musical film for her role in the film. Also in that year, Dandridge married the white nightclub owner Jack Denison, who is reported to have been abusive to Dandridge. In 1962, the couple divorced and shortly thereafter Dandridge filed for bankruptcy. By 1965 her career was on the upswing again, but she also continued to drink heavily and would call various friends at night and talk for hours about everything that was going on in her life. During this time period, Dandridge was a very lonely woman and often sounded disoriented. She was given a prescription anti-depresent drug which seemed to lift her spirits. She did nightclub work again but many critics noticed her performances did not contain the magic that they once held. Also in 1965, Dandridge sprained her ankle which resulted in a fracture in her foot. On the morning of Sept. 8, 1965, she rescheduled an appointment she had for that morning to have a cast put on her foot for later that day. A friend of hers later went to Dandridge's Los Angeles apartment but could not get an answer. He later returned around 2pm that afternoon and finally forced his way in the apartment where he found Dandridge dead lying on the bathroom floor in the nude with a blue scarf around her head. Her death was first attributed to a blood clot caused by the fracture in her foot but an autopsy revealed that she had died of an overdose of Tofranil, the antidepressant that she was taking. Whether the overdose was accidental or intentional remains a mystery to this day. Dorothy Dandridge made historic contributions to her profession and her race despite being stereotyped and having only a small number of significant roles. She blazed a new path by showing that African-American women could handle starring roles in white-dominated films. By the end of her short life, Dorothy Dandridge had brought the black actress in films from behind the shadows and had emerged as Hollywood's first authentic movie goddess of color. --courtesy, The Biography of  Dorothy Dandridge,   a book I read from cover to cover a few years ago

08 November 2010

Listening to ...

Raphael Saadiq

not anymore

She’s not the ish any -more
but it’s cool. Not
that she ever was
but I did think she was
was deserving of the ring  my grandmother had given me
 to place on the
4th finger left hand-
That same finger she lifted
When she couldn’t slur the word
I didn’t think was in her vocabulary
when I asked her to marry me

instead of saying yes.

          -- Rodrigo  Miercoles for The Xande

07 November 2010

 "Only those who risk going too far find out how far they can go."
                                    --Rodrigo Miercoles

I saw it

 The movie "For Colored Girls,
and in my opinion? It is clear that Tyler Perry took on this project with the best intentions to make this something to be proud of.  Based on his history of  broad comedies and thin dramas I doubted  he could carry the dramatic heft of  this film, an ambitious adaptation of Ntozake Shange’s acclaimed play “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enuf,” but I think he succeeded. 
I'll go so far as to say that I liked it so much that it was almost as if he had no creative input in the movie at all.  If Kimberly Elise or Anika Noni Rose doesn't at least get Oscar nominations for their roles, then something is definitely wrong.   But that's just my opinion. I think I was the only male in the packed theater that looked like he wasn't forced to go see it (who knew there were more than 5 black people in Oregon?  They only come out of hiding to see a Tyler Perry movie or church on sundays), but I enjoyed it nevertheless. All the women stood up and applauded at the end.

time to fall back

I wish we could turn the clock back more than one hour tonight.my birthday is next week, and I am not ready to see 48 yet. There are so many goals left unattained. So many things to do before 49. A year from eleven eleven.
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06 November 2010

to whom it may concern

Your need to constantly denigrate the value of others comes from your own self-consciousness. Dig deep to find the source of pain/hurt in your life and do the repairs. When you arrive at a place where you don't feel the need to belittle everyone else in order to validate your own self-worth, you will have advanced the journey of self-healing. --Johnathan Fields 

I saw this quote on  the above site, and I knew exactly who it would be about if I had written it, but I didn't write it. A professional speaker named Jonathan Fields wrote it.  I found it on this blog If my job wasn't so important to me, I would recite the above quote to this person, word for word. But I'll just recite the above quote to myself-for now.

05 November 2010

Thank God for small favors

A friend of mine got hijacked at gunpoint last week. It's one of those things that happens sometimes in Johannesburg, South Africa.
"We say

'At least you're ok' a lot here," She told me. 
A couple years ago she told me there was a bank robbery and gunfire where she was working as a loan officer  and instinctively she fell to the floor on her stomach and lied there next to her client who had just been shot along with a few other bank customers and employees. She was playing dead until they made their get away. 
I still wanna go there someday. 

Another one bites the dust.

But then again, Undercovers was the only drama ever, in The States, to feature two black actors as the leading characters. And it's being cancelled.
Personally, I liked it. It was a little implausible at times, I will admit, but it was one of my guilty pleasures, being one of very few shows that actually required my full attention from beginning to end. Most of the other shows I watch, I can have on in the background and listen to while writing or doing chores. I also especially love seeing people of color on television not playing subservient roles.
Per eurweb.com, "The jet-setting is over for NBC’s spy drama “Undercovers” and its star Boris Kodjoe.

NBC announced today that it will not pick up additional episodes from the freshman series beyond the original 13-episode order, according to Deadline.com. The Warner Bros TV-produced show is currently filming Episode 12.
The news follows Wednesday night’s episode hitting another series low when it slipped to a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demo.
The slickly produced light drama, whose pilot was directed by creator J.J. Abrams, broke primetime ground by featuring two black actors as the leads. But it got off to a disappointing start in the Wednesday 8 p.m. slot and never found traction with viewers.
The series will stay on for the next 2 weeks and will air its last original (for now) on December 1, reports Deadline. It was already set for preemption on Nov. 24 when NBC is airing a DreamWorks Animation holiday special. The fate of the remaining original “Undercovers” episodes is unclear.
This is the second new NBC series to get cancelled, along with legal drama “Outlaw.” The rest of NBC’s freshman class all received back-nine orders two weeks ago. At the time, “Undercovers” got a pickup for four additional scripts."
I'm not in marketing or anything, but I do know that networks copycat each other. They see what works on other networks and they come up with their own versions of those shows (like The Event being like Lost and 24, and every sitcom and cartoon that has featured a fat dumb guy with a lean smart wife-- like According to Jim and King of Queens). They also see what doesn't work (in this case, dramas featuring 2 black actors in the lead roles) and they avoid the idea altogether.   

friday Flashback--The Whispers & Timex Social Club

03 November 2010

another example of why every single vote counts


The race for Governor of Oregon was neck and neck all election night and through the day, and Democratic candidate John Kitzhaber won by as little as a half of one percentage point. Luckily Multnomah County (Portland's county, being  heavily democratic) helped him to chip away at his Republican oponent's lead.       Tim Hibbits, Fox 12 political analyst said "it's like a basketball game where the team simply traded baskets all the way through the game and the last team to have the ball shot it in and scored, and effectively that's what happened here."
I'm glad to know Oregon still is governed by a Democrat. 
I repeat, Kitzhaber won by as little as a half of one percentage point. Again, Kitzhaber won by as little as a half of one percentage point. So, if you think your vote doesn't count, think again.

Here's a Donald Lawrence song to get you (me) through

The bottom of the lowest part

I’m not going to talk about the  changed political landscape, or the largest turnover in the House since World War 2, or the Teabaggers and other Repug's need 'to right a wrong' (we all know what they consider wrong). Oh, but I will.  At the  Oregon Convention Center,  President Barack H. Obama said:  "After they drove the car into the ditch, they made it as difficult as possible for us to pull it back,  and now as we're slowly but surely pulling the car out, keeping in mind that it's badly dented and may need a tune up--now they're tapping on our shoulders, wanting the keys back. No! You can’t drive! We don’t want to have to go back into the ditch. We just got the car out!"  
Using that same analogy, the voters seem united in their anger and frustration but divided in what the prescription is and what to do about it, except for changing 'change', so, for the most part, they decided they're going to push the car halfway back in the ditch,  disabling the engine, and taking out the transmission and putting it in backwards, removing the starter and alternator, removing the battery and putting it back in, upside down,  while wanting the car out of the ditch shiny and new and running  in perfect condition. 
We will soon learn the definition of true gridlock.
 I predict, that since they'll be working against the President  rather then  working with him, the car will be  not just in the ditch but heading toward the bottom of the lowest part, underneath mud and slime.
 It may not be as simple as that, but I’m disappointed, but I’m not going to talk about the  changed political landscape. the biggest gain in the party since 1938, or the Teabaggers and other Repug's need 'to right a wrong.' I'll just focus on the fact that every local candidate here that I voted for, won their seats. And as I write this, the Governor's race is still too close to call.  
I texted all my friends on monday and yesterday morning, asking them if they voted. All but one said 'of course I voted.' The one friend who didn't vote said 'why bother? My one vote isn't going to affect anything.'   That response made me more angry than anything has made me, recently. Alot of people feel that way. When he said that I was reminded of the Quebec Secession Referendum in 1995. My grandfather, a proud French Canadien, was a staunch supporter of Quebec being their own country. The vote was 50.58% no and 49.42% yes. They lost by a little over 1%.   Every single vote counts. Every single vote counts. Every single vote counts. Every single vote counts.
sorry, I'm venting