24 September 2010

while i wasn't reading Siddhartha

I was thinking about love and life , and looking forward to however God blesses me and whatever He blesses me with. I know it'll be something /someone I needed.

I was thinking about the gifts God has given me.
My passion for writing
My passion for cooking.
Through one woman I was born and put up for adoption, but I was raised by another. My mother, who saw me and loved me immediately and wanted me when I was 11 months old.
I’m suprising her for her birthday in October. She’ll think I’ll be calling her from Portland Oregon to wish her a happy birthday, but I’ll actually be driving from the airport in Milwaukee Wisconsin to her home. She lives 20 minutes away. While talking to her for a while, she’ll have to put me on hold because someone is ringing her doorbell, and it’ll be me-


GorgeousPuddin said...

Okay that's very sweet! You write very moving things that make me tear up!

Daij said...

Thanks! I try! Most of the time I'm just dictating what God has put on my heart to say or write.