21 September 2010

               "She's sometimey"

     A term my mom uses to define someone who sometimes acknowledges her existence and other times doesn't see her at all though there's no excuse for not noticing her unless it's intentional.
     I was going to  lunch with a friend at work last week and we saw someone walking down the hallway that I knew. As I raised my hand to wave hello, I notice her almost breaking her neck trying to look in the opposite direction as she walked past us. I had hoped my friend didn't see me waiving at someone who was ovbiously trying to avoid me, but he did.
"Alieux,  did you know her?"
"Yeah. She works in sales. We email each other all the time."
"Are you sure you know her?"
"She sometimey."
" I never heard that phrase before, but I think I know what it means."

 Are you sometimey?


GorgeousPuddin said...

My family uses that term too! LOL!

Man I know so many sometimey people. Although I can be sometimey too. LOL! But I try not to be rude.

Daij said...

lol I'm never sometimey, however I do avoid people who talk too much, but then again, those people I don't
avoid some of the time. I avoid then all of the time.

GorgeousPuddin said...

I wanted to address this again. Women are sometimey because of emotional stuff. Sometimes it's not even about that person. We don't speak just cause?!? It's weird but real.

Daij said...

I guess. Here's a new phrase; All-timey. I am all-timey. Either I speak to you all the time, or you don't exist all the time. For example, there is this woman in my department who I have said hi to, in passing (I'll say to hi to everyone in passing, especially if they work in my department) and she never responded. I thought well maybe she didn't see or hear me. I'll give her the benefit of a doubt. I said hi to her 2 more times and she never responded, so for the 2 yrs and 11 months I have been here, I have not even acknowledged her existence since october 2007....Today, September 24, 2010, she smiled at me and said hello. I had to look around to see if maybe there was someone behind me that she as speaking to!

GorgeousPuddin said...

It was that cologne! LOL!

I have a relative that is just like you. LOL! He all in or he out! Period!

What you are refering too is blantant disregard and rudeness.
I meant like if someone that normally speaks and just didn't that time.

To those instances where I speak and they don't I have said Alright Rudeness! I love that line from the twin in ATL.

Oh sorry I didn't Congrats you on the Architecture school!!! YAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!