24 September 2010

in the past 36 hours i have...

slept 10 consecutive hours
written 3 poems
seen 3 french films
sat still and and listened to silence for 5 very long minutes
met a friend for lunch at a hawaiian restaurant
been inspired to be more productive
closed a life lesson
filled out loan applications for architecture school
been complimented by 3 4 different women on the cologne I wear
 baked 2 cakes and had one shipped to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and another to Lisbon Portugal per request


GorgeousPuddin said...

Wait a minute! You bake cakes!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! What kind did you bake? I love cake like a fat kid loves candy! LOL! I have always wanted to say that. IDKY

I've never had Hawaiian food what's good to eat??

You must really smell good! LOL!

Umm that's not enough sleep man! Get more! *smile*

Daij said...

LOL I had to learn to cook! My grandfather was a chef in the military, so he did all the cooking and baking for my mom, her sisters and my grandmother. None of them know how to cook, even today. And so I had to learn to cook. I made all the meals in my household when I was growing up. I had to teach my sister how to make my brother in law's favorite foods etc.
The cologne that women like on me is Jean Paul Gaultier. I have about 10 different other kinds of colognes, but the Gaultier gets the compliments, so I don't even wear the others!
Hawaiian food is good- mostly barbecue pork. pulled pork is great. I have a friend that is half Hawaiian, so we eat Hawaiian whenever he and i hangout

GorgeousPuddin said...

Hawaiian food sounds good! barbequed pork c'mon man! That's it right there. LOL!

I will have to go to Macy's of Nordstrom's and smell it.

You have already scored a cazillion cool points with knowing how to cook. Wow!

Umm you didn't say what kind of cakes??? Is it a secret recipe?

Daij said...


For a friend in Malaysia I baked my Hazelnut Fudge Marble (my own recipe)for his wife's birthday. She loved it when I baked for her when they were here visiting me. For an ex, in Portugal, she asked for my white chocolate raspberry ganache

Val said...

What no spam? Lol I hear Hawaiians love Spam.

Wow, three French films. Do you speak French?

That's really cool that you are going to architecture school. Good luck with the loan.

GorgeousPuddin said...

That's exactly why I asked! I figured it was some gourmet Top Chef Desserts/Cake boss type stuff! Sounds Yummy!

What are some of your favorite meals to cook???

Daij said...

lol @ Val. Yeah, they even have spam at mcdonalds in hawaii, but no, i don't do spam! My french is very limited, but I do listen to learning to speak french cds on my mp3 player while throughout the day. I'm nog going to archtecture school yet. I have to get financial aid. that's the clincher.

@gorgeouspuddin, my favorites are soulfood. none of my friends appreciate soul food so i just make it for family during the holidays. My other specialty is Persian and Moroccan and most items i see on the food network