28 September 2010


years ago today, I left my comfort zone (my family, friends, black culture) in milwaukee, wisconsin and moved to portland, oregon, accepting a job offer here. three different women in wisconsin, who didn't know each other, had the same prophecy for me, the words not exactly the same but having the same effect; "alieux, God told me your wife is there in oregon waiting for you."
3 years have passed. 4 of my friends have married, three of them are divorced and one is divorcing. I'm still single, and I haven't found my wife. God, whoever, wherever she is, please tell her where I am and lead us in the right direction, and while you're at it, please send friends my way with whom I'd have something in common culturally, thank you-


Val said...

She'll find you when she's ready for you and when you're ready for her.

Btw, I love Portland. I've visited there twice. It's a very walkable city. Great public transportation there too. And the cost of housing there is very low. The only drawback were the overcast days.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Well Happy Anniversary!
I've received prophesy like that before in the past that has not manifested yet and it has me confused especially when it comes from more than one person.

The one thing I try to do now is make sure my spirit agrees. Oft times it may be more to the prophesy than what was revealed to each person...

So there is no black culture in Portland???

Daij said...

The weird thing is, and maybe it's just my opinion, but I'm finding that most of the black people don't know they're black- in my area of town. You have to actually drive to the northeast side of Portland to find the small black community. I'm on the far west side, in a suburb. I'm just used to seeing black people all day, every day, in Milwaukee. My church had 5,000 black people, my boss was black, her boss was black, head of Hr was black, there were black radio stations, my neighbors were multi cultural ( asian,latino, arabic, etc) there was a scattering of white people, but my world was essentially black. Every one here is very friendly here and I'm making good money. I'm still trying to acclimate to the climate, and trying to make friends with people in church. I miss listening to Steve Harvey on the radio in the morning as I was getting ready for work, or listening to my gospel stations on the way to church. I'm going to see my mom next week in Milwaukee, and I'm going to drown myself in black-ness the entire week!