29 September 2010

Answer and Question

Because of a prayer I so often recite that I don't realize I'm saying it, that God is answering; "Dear Lord, please subtract from my life people who either don't mean me well or will or are preventing me from being who You and I want me to be, and please add to my life people who will be a blessing and will be of assistance to me."

why is it that some people I meet along the way I think are cool people and then as quickly as I get to know them they gradually fade away, yet I have friends with whom I have been close (like my best friend and others) for over 20 years?     


GorgeousPuddin said...

I think people are not genuine anymore. They want to see what they can get out of you, and how they can use you. Like a wolf in sheeps clothing. I think by you praying that pray God moves them from your life before you have to learn the hard way that they weren't meant for your life. I need to incorporate that into my prayers too. I am tired of being hurt by people who meant me no good from the gate.

As for the people you've known for years they had your best interest and good hearts from the gate.

Daij said...

True Dat! I don't use the term 'friend' loosely. I have been blessed! I love that prayer because people have lied to me in the past and tried to steer me in the wrong direction, or were sabotaging me (like that boss), and then I started praying what I call the prayer of mathematics- subtracting bad people and adding good people. What ends up happening is, I do still think from time to time about friends I don't hear from anymore even thought I reach out to them, but then I realize and say to God, "well, I did ask you to remove certain people. Maybe he or she was someone you didn't want me to be involved with anymore?"

I think sometimes He puts it on their heart to move on as well. I don't know. what do you think?

GorgeousPuddin said...

I completely agree! Before I gave my life to Christ I used to Wild Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
with a few friends and we would always have some sort of drama going on. They brought out a side of me maaaaan!! LOL!
They were immediately moved from my life when I gave my life to Christ. We just stopped hanging out! An abrupt end! It was not sad or anything!

When I graduated from college I called one former friend and she attended my brunch but from that day to this we've NEVER hung out again. I've talked to her a few times on the phone and I've run into her while out shopping, but it never reconnects.

So I truly believe God was firm about that being over!

What's funny is my hurt has come from people in the church who I didn't think I would have to be wary of. At least I knew what I was getting with my "in the world" peeps! You know?

Val said...

This is SO true! And I really believe it is God removing these people from our lives. I've often wondered why certain friendships just didn't work out and upon further reflection realized that those people would not have been good for me.

Great post, Daij.

Daij said...

Thanks Val!

Don said...

If only I had a dollar for every time I wondered the same. I would be too busy paying bills to worry about people who I don't see, nearly as often.

I've learned, in the end all we really have anyways is Me, Myself & I.

Those three people are enough.