27 July 2010

u've earned my affection

my affection
earned it.
knowing what you had to do
to prove that you were capable of loving me righteously

by not asking for it,
by not caring about
what I don’t have;
seeing past the rumours the misinterpretations misunderstandings
the lies
his lies her lies their lies
the lies of the world
lies that have been told so often that even I began to believe them
& feel them.
& act accordingly.
but you saw past them
not seeing what you want to see
you were suspecting,
somehow squeezing beauty out of
what I thought was ugly.
exposing what I didn’t know was inside me.

I have to admit to
ignoring you,
not feeling that I deserved your affection
but I learned to be obedient.

and who am I to be loved so righteously-
needing you the way Adam needed Eve
and who am I to be loved the way God meant for me to be loved

Only He knows.

(I’ll take

--alex george


Moanerplicity said...

Beautiful poem. A wonderful sense of spirituality lives at the core of it. Nice work, man.


Daij said...

Thank you! Appreciate that!