25 July 2010

                         The antidote for fifty enemies is one friend.  -Aristotle

                          I feel blessed because I  have a best friend, and some really good friends--friends that have had my back through the rough times. 
                                   Periodically, God reveals  my fairweather friends to me, either by their actions or their inactions. It's been more often as of late. And initially it bothers me, but once I think about it, I'm glad He does it.
                                   It's like He's telling me to stop  wasting my time hanging with  (insert name).  That (insert name) is not worth my time.

                                   I don't know about you, but  I don't want to waste a minute hanging with someone not worth my time. And I'm grateful for my friends, and for my best friend who has had that title, for more than half my life


Don said...

This definitely speaks to me. Every since the new year began I have pretty much been on some mo ish when it comes to friends and relatives. I must say, I don't feel guilty about it either. F*ck all that wasting time on the fake when every moment can be spent enjoying the real.

Daij said...

That is so much the truth, Don!