27 May 2010

Overheard today @ the food court

(two tables away from me)

Black woman: Girl, where you been?
Asian woman: Working 2 jobs, trying to pay off bills. You know how it is.
Black woman: Isn’t that what that nigga Tre’ is for?
Asian woman: Girl, please. He can barely cover his cell phone bill. He expected me to pay for that.
Black woman: So why you got him around?
Asian woman: Girl, he gone. He outta here, okay? Went bye bye.
The black woman laughs
Asian woman: I tried everything to get rid of him, and he said he wasn’t going nowhere.
Black woman: So how did you get him to leave?
Asian woman: I lied and told him I was pregnant. That nigga left in the middle of the night. While I was taking a shower, he took all his clothes and he vamoosed! Changed his number and everything. I aint seen him since.

They both laughed.

Black woman: That sounds like my ex Deon, except I was pregnant for real, and I didn't want him to leave.


SLC said...

Sick. Real, but sick.

Reggie said...

Perception is reality.

Daij said...

true dat