19 June 2015

The Greener Grass Syndrome

“If you have determined to go to Egypt and make

that your home, then the very wars you fear will catch
up with you in Egypt and the starvation you dread
will track you down in Egypt. You will die there!”
Jeremiah 42.15-16
This morning a friend called. I hadn't heard from her in a long time, and so, in trying to catch up with what's been going in our lives since we last spoke, I let her speak first. Everything she said  made me feel like anything I had to say would have sounded more like whining, so while listening to her I just said to myself : thank God for the issues I  have, because they're nothing in comparison to what she's dealing with, so I'm going to shut up and not even complain--
Most often, the issues other people have are worse than your own.

This is a repost.

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Miercoles said...

sometimes you remind me of joel esteen, and that's a compliment. you always write things i can relate to!