29 April 2010

When I worked in the District, I used to go back to Wisconsin as often as possible. I missed my mom and my sister, and friends, but I really missed my nephew. He was about 4 at the time.  My sister used to insist that I not tell him when I would be leaving because it was too upsetting for him, but it  was just as upsetting for me as well. My sister would tell me that, after my trips home to Wisconsin, that my nephew would cry for days after I would leave. I found it impossible, on my last day, to hang out with my nephew and carry on as if I would be there that next day;  my sister wanted me to wait until my nephew went to sleep the evening before the end of the trip to pack, but my nephew always suspected the day, when, that next morning he would wake me up and not see my clothes or shoes or other personal items lying around in the room I was sleeping in, and he'd cry, and I'd cry. It would be a mess!  His father was always leaving and staying gone for long time and not calling, and I was his father image, taking up the slack, and it was very hard for me. As he got older, it was easier for me to leave; he knew I was coming back the next holiday, and though he was sad, he was old enough to not cry about it. He also knew about text messaging and calling me every single day. Anyway, one day I was really down. It was the end of one of my trips, and my nephew made that sign above for me.   I have it on my bedroom door. It makes me smile everytime I see it.

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