28 April 2010

The Reveal

Rachel Smith came to me in a dream last night. She was wearing her crown. She told me to learn four new things everyday. Something about myself. Something about the people I love. Something about the world. And something about a stranger.

So here goes, for today—

Something about myself- I forget that I look mean to strangers if I don’t smile. So I try to smile more.
Something about the people I love- whenever I feel I can’t do something, they say I can
Something about the world-  I worry about the condition of the planet during my future grandchildren’s lifetimes

Something about a stranger-they’re waiting for me to start a conversation.  Once I do, they’re friendly and receptive. Otherwise, they’re quiet.

Normally I dream of  some member of my family, or winning the Powerball, or visiting Toronto, or being a guest on Oprah (with some famous director wanting to make a movie out of one of my stories) or Halle Berry.   Rachel Smith is nice too


thekingpin68 said...

Yikes, I see why you dreamed of her.:)

Daij said...

lol, true