22 February 2010

No ending

I understand the beginning of things. The beginning of love, a marriage, life, a birth. The bloom of a rose. The beginning of a story. And in my reality, like there is a beginning, there is also an ending. When people declare their love as being forever, what they really mean is ‘til death do they part,’ which is also mentioned in the wedding vows. That’s an ending.

The term forever always puzzled me. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea of there being no end. The Bible says those who will go to Heaven will be with Him forever. I know what the Bible says about not leaning to my own understanding, but I still had to know, if there really is a forever or an eternity.

A friend of mine defined it as “a limitless dimension, but forever is a word. The depth and value of its’ meaning is based on your personal understanding,” but I didn’t understand it. I’m using past tense here, because an economics professor in college kind of put it in perspective for me:
“Say, there was a block of granite about one cubic mile in size. And there was a bird, and the bird swooped down once every thousand years and sharpened its beak on the granite. By the time that block of granite was a pebble, or about the size of a grain of rice, only a second will have passed in an eternity.”

“Wow,” I remember saying.

Now that, I could wrap my mind around. While he still didn’t define it, he did set my mind at ease with regards to how long forever actually is.

Forever is a long time.

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