29 January 2010


If you stopped initiating communication with the people you normally communicate with—if you stopped being the first to make the connection, who would you hear from ( besides your landlord, or bill collectors or your boss) first?

I think of this question from time to time because I used to have a group of 4 good friends (3 guys, 1 female) when I lived in Madison Wisconsin. We used to make trips to Milwaukee, or Chicago or road trips to Indianapolis, Dayton Ohio, or Minneapolis quite often, and take extended weekends and just party and drank. We got along well. One day I wondered if they were really my friends, since I was calling them all the time. I decided to see if they would call me, so I stopped calling them.
I found out that they had driven to Chaimpaign/Urbana Illinois that weekend. Not one of them called.

No one even seemed to wonder where I was.

I never heard from them again. And we lived in the same city.

Answering my own question, I would (and I do)  hear from:

1- My best friend Steve
2- My mom
3- My friend Marva
4- My friend Ron
5-My friend Sandra
6- My friend Bin
The only people I hear from without my having to initiate a communication, and without them calling because they needed something.

So, who would you hear from first?

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