28 January 2010

In the past 24 hours,

I edited my short story the beginning and the ending of everything,
I worked a full day,
I paid bills,
Talked to my best friend on the phone,
Did 30 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of heavy weight-lifting (doctor wants me to lose weight),
And I saw a love story with an ending that made me so angry it consumed me. It still does.

I’m going to write my own love story.

Just my opinion, but, love stories don’t have to end in tragedy, or with a love being unrequited. Unless they’re based on a true story of someone’s life. Then it should be an accurate portrayal of that life. Otherwise, love stories should be predictable in that they should always have happy endings.

Maybe I’m naïve still,

I am fan of love.

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Steven said...

You go... there are many stories of love that still need to be told. It is examples of real love that we may need when examples of selfishness are the norm.

It is the job of the storyteller to figure out how to tell of the sacrifices and compromises and humor that make love last.

Of course, there is the love from God above that need never tire of as it is ever flowing, creative and strong.

I agree. Let's here more about true loves.