28 January 2010

History is expecting you.

This is for my nephew and my God-daughter, and all your children and my future children and every child out there.
History is expecting you
to be leaders of the free world, to cure Cancer and Aids and Diabetes and Heart Disease, etc., to create beautiful music that will be timeless classics like Mozart, Tchaikovsky, & Chopin, to create Picassos, to write your own The Catcher In The Rye, to be the next William Shakespeare, or equally as important,
to be great mothers and fathers and uncles and aunts and God-parents to inspire your children to be whatever they dream of being.

I'm pretty sure that if President Obama, as a child, told his mother that he wanted to be President of the Unites States, she might have said to herself that that was highly unlikely.
History expects you.

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