20 November 2009

Life, for granted

I’ve removed some words from my vocabulary. Some are ‘can’t, try, and if.’ They’re self-defeating and they give reasons for failure. I’ve replaced “I can’t swim” with ‘this year I’m going to learn how to swim”; my nephew loves to swim and I used to sit on the chaise at the YMCA and watch him swim. My ability to swim would be another fun thing we could to. I’ve replaced ‘I’ll try it’ with ‘I’ll do it.’ That’s not to say I will succeed, however, saying “I’ll try it” and then failing people tend to shrug it off, saying, ‘well I tried’, and that’s their excuse for failure. Because they tried. I’ve replaced ‘If only I can lose some weight before my next physical,’ with ‘ when I lose this weight before my next physical.” I call words like ‘I’m going to’, ‘I’ll do it’ and ‘when I lose this weight before my next physical’, as proactive words. They prompt you do act upon it to accomplish it, at least in my opinion. When I say ‘this year I’m going to learn how to swim”, that statement prompts me to search for swimming classes.
My personal wish list for now?

Have a closer walk with God Learn to swim Stop buying books and read the ones I have Go out even if it’s by my self Take a road trip Laugh every day Be fit Reduce my road rage Read my Learn Farsi book from cover to cover Learn Farsi Be a better friend
Be more self-confident Stop comparing myself to others Complete one short story before working on a new one Make someone smile Learn to type with all 10 fingers

Do you have a personal wish list?

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