31 October 2009

Just another day in Portland

Earlier in the day on Halloween I went to a Sushi restaurant in Downtown Portland for lunch. It was my first time at this particular restaurant. Seated behind me was a woman with a nose ring that was a hoop which was large enough to put my fist through. She had a yellow wig in the style of Marge Simpson. She wore yellow and black plaid daisy dukes, a white tube top, black open-toe combat boots and a leather jacket. And she was the normal one. The guy seated at the table with her had the left side of his head shaved bald with a black cross tattoed on the head, the other half of his head in blonde cornrows down his back. He was wearing a superman costume and red stillettoes, and in each nostril he had a diamond stud and two small hoops. In the right ear he wore a hoop earring that was connected to his right nostril with a silver chain that hung below his chin. Like the dog spot in the Little Rascals, he had a dark circle around his left eye and a red star around the right eye.

The waitress ( wearing a snow white costume, her light blue hair in a bouffant) knew them:

Waitress: Hey, can you guys stop by at 730 instead of 8? I wanna make it to the mall to get my costume.

Woman with Marge Simpson hair: Okay, but you gotta be ready to walk out the door at 730 sharp. We gotta get home to put our custumes on too.

Waitress: Ok. Yeah, I was wondering why you guys didn’t wear your costumes out.

Guy with half-shaved head: We didn’t want to get it all sweaty and wrinkled.

Waitress: Yeah that makes sense. Okay, see you guys later! Thanks!

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