25 November 2009

5 things- Thanksgiving 101

I was talking to a co-worker today and she was telling me that her grandmother had asked her to come up with 5 things to be grateful for. She was telling me she couldn’t think of 5 things. I was being flippant, coming up with a complaint or whine and changing it into something for which to be grateful. For example;

“I need to lose some weight.” --“Thank you God, for me having enough food to eat.”

“My feet are sore.”  --  “Thank you God, for the ability to stand and walk and run.”

“I have too much to work to do today.”  -- “Thank you, God for a job.”

“I hate driving long distances.”  -- “Thank you God, for my car.”

“My hair is getting grayer as the years go by." --    “Thank you God, for letting me see 47 years; some  people don't live to see this age."

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satire and theology said...


Happy Thanksgiving...

I am still in Phoenix!

Please see s&t post.:)