26 October 2009

Quote of the day

"One with God is a majority."
--Billy Graham
Quite often, at social gatherings here in Oregon,
I feel self conscious, being the only person of color in a room of white people all the time.
It's still taking some getting used to because it's a bit different for me.
Prior to my move here, my world was about 97% black, latino, indian, asian, arab & persian, and about 3% white, from my job, my church, the gym, the mall, the grocery store. I was like a fish in water. 
Now I stand out. At times I feel like all eyes are on me.
Because Oregonians are amongst the friendliest, coolest people I've ever met, I forget,
then by the time I feel comfortable sometimes a friend will say,

"do you realize you're the only black person here?"
(as if I didn't know)

But one with God is a majority.

Funny thing is, though my job brings me alot of joy, I can't get my nephew to understand why I would uproot  myself to live in Oregon!

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thekingpin68 said...

"One with God is a majority."
--Billy Graham


I am glad I am regenerated.