29 September 2009

It is difficult to get the news
 from poems yet men die
miserably every day
for lack of what is found there.

--William Carlos Williams

When William Carlos Williams wrote this poem, I don't think he meant them literally-as if a poem a day could keep the doctor away. What I think he meant, was that poetry can make our daily existence (at least mine, to me) mean more to us.
It can cut through all the distractions and busyness and help us seize our lives, to be more completely in them.
But that's my opinion.

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satire and theology said...

Very cool imagery. Your blog is very good for that and short philosophical quotes as well.

'You are a very good writer! I aspire to be as good a writer.'

Thanks greatly, Daij.

It is much trial and error, and thanks to God.