29 August 2009

Lies my mother told me- Volume 2

When my sister and I were little, we attended Bethel Elementary school. It was a Seventh Day Adventist school. No, we weren’t Seventh Day Adventists. It just happened to the be the only predominantly black Christian private school in New York City at the time.

I had this teacher, named Mrs North. She was my English teacher. She was really nice,  and she was  really old. As a kid, 30 is considered old, but, no she was, I would say, more than twice that. And she had  wrinkles with really deep crevices. Up until then, I’d never seen someone with so many wrinkles before, and the sight  of it was disturbing.

As I looked back at it, my mother took advantage of that fact, to finding a way to get me to stop doing something she didn't want me to do. For example, my sister and l loved candy. Guess how she got us to stop eating candy as kids?

I said: Mommy, why is Mrs North so wrinkled?

My mom: That’s because when she was a child, she ate a lot of candy. That’s what happens when you eat a lot of candy. You get wrinkles.

Guess what we never ate again for years, until we became teens and got wise--?

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