27 August 2009

Lies my mother told me- Volume 1

Has your mother ever lied to you about something to teach you a lesson, and it scared the hell out of you? My mother lied to me, but it was a forgivable. It’s funny, now that I recall it.

I remember once, I was maybe 7 and my sister was 4. There was this boy that I made fun of. I don’t remember the specifics as to who the boy was or why I made fun of him, but I remember my mom’s reaction clearly, because it scared both my sister and myself. My mom didn’t tell me to stop making fun of the boy. She just said;

“ I knew a girl who used to make fun of me when I was your age, and when she grew up and had a baby, the baby was born with a pig’s snout, ears and pig tail.”

I was about 7 and I believed it, and it scared the hell out of me. Suddenly I imagined growing up and having kids that had pig snouts and tails, and I never made fun of another child again! I decided from then on, not only would I not make fun of people, I would also try to stop my friends from doing the same. And not just that- I decided to befriend any kids that were made fun of.

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