29 August 2009

Before, during & after

I was thinking today, about my trip to Wisconsin the week of Christmas this year. When I’m there I’m going to visit my family and some friends. I was thinking about my old friends and not so old friends, and I realized that I didn’t have the motivation to see those not so old friends since they seemed to have fallen off since I moved away, but my old friends are still very much a part of my life, like bridge that always brings me back to them.

I have some friends that have lasted a lifetime, and along the way I have made new friends. While those lifetime friends are still close, those new friends I’ve met along the way, most are gone. It doesn’t disappoint me. I’d like to think those new people I’ve met along the way, were in my life for a reason; perhaps to help or inspire me, and once their work is done, they’ve moved on. I can’t think of any other reason, as these friends were not fair-weather friends. These were friends, like my lifetime friends, who supported me at the lowest points.

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