08 July 2009

A Long Walk

Everytime I hear this song I'm reminded of when I lived in Silver Spring Maryland and worked in the District. If it wasn't for the loss of jobs resulting from the effects of 9-11, I would still be there.
This song was out at the time. You could hear Jill Scott from passing cars, in offices, at parties, on my stereo, etc. Though I'm somewhat content here, I do miss what I don't see here in Beaverton Oregon; the wall to wall people that look like me, and so many other cultures.
Hearing this song reminds me of when I would wait at the Metro to catch the train to work, or to the gym, or home or to the District to meet friends. I remember the smell of beef patties, coconut bread, sweet potato pie, etc. I remember feeling like a fish in water. Here, I'm one of only three black people I see on a daily or weekly basis in the city, if I don't go to church. Those were the days. I do love my job; it truly does bring me joy.
God answered my prayer, but I wasn't specific enough. I prayed for an underwriting job, when I should have prayed for an underwriting job in a city that had some cultural diversity.
I'm having the hardest time finding people locally, with whom I have something in common. How do I go out to meet women by myself? It would be cool if I had a wingman!
Luckily my best friend is a 3 hour flight away. I've been to Los Angeles about 5 times in the less than 2 yrs I've been here.