17 August 2017

BE (basement elevation)

"While I'm sittin' here waitin' on U know somebody somewhere's waitin' on me." 

-Marva Staples, Time Waits For No One

 About 20 years ago when I started a new job in Pewaukee Wisconsin, I received a sign-on bonus of a thousand dollars USD. That following weekend I gave my mother $400 cash. She was speechless at first, but then very happy for a few minutes. Then she was overwhelmed with sadness. She began talking about how my sister would never have given her $400, and about how recently she borrowed $20 from my sister that she had to pay back. She kept going on and on about how my sister hadn't done anything for her. I was disappointed. I had given her the money because I knew she needed it and because I love making her happy. I didn't know why she was obsessing over what my sister hadn't done and what she would never do.

I thought about myself recently; about how I'm saddened about the people whom I thought would come to my rescue at the lowest point in my life, to at least check in on me to see if I'm okay,  when I should be happy about the many friends that stepped up to the plate, texting and/or calling me to ask how I'm doing and writing something nice and encouraging. Being at a low point point really affects your psyche. I know I need to hear from friends and family that everything's going to be alright even if it doesn't seem so.

Do you do that as well-? do you concern yourself with things about which you should not be concerned?